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HOT ARTICLES: How to Have a Good Family Life?

Despite the perfect picture families that always seem to loom over us on television, posters and bill boards, there are many more complexities and dynamics to families than all smiles and laughter. All families are different, and all families have their own issues, but with the right amount of work and determination, you can make your family life the very best it can be, by developing your relationships and learning more about yourself and your relatives. No one's family life is perfect; but you can make yours good, so why not?

1.  Understand your family well. If you don't then there can be many misunderstandings and fights. Be with them whenever you can and get to know them better. A lot of families now don't get to know each other too well because they're too busy. Plan some family time, like, a movie, or a family game, or even as little as eating dinner together.

2.  Respect your family. Your children, your wife/husband are now yours but remember at the end of the day they are also humans. They also have an opinion or suggestion. Sometimes it can be bad or good. Never be angry with someone's opinion, they have their opinions, and no one's perfect.

3. Give time. No one wants to be ignored just for some meeting or work. Give time to each and every one of them so you can understand every individual properly and this can prevent any misunderstandings in the future.

4. Treat everyone as equal. Whether its your maid or stepchild, they also deserve love and affection from you as you deserve from your wife/husband or from your own child. Treat everyone like you would want to be treated, and getting along with your family should be easy

5.  Never scream or shout at anyone. This can create hatred for you in their hearts. By simply making them understand can do a lot. Why waste energy when you can do it calmly?
Try not to fight with your siblings. Fighting can tear your relationship apart and you'll regret it when you get older. Treasure the time you have with your siblings, you can't get it back.

6. Never discriminate.

7. Learn to compromise. When you or someone else in your family wants the total opposite of each other, find a way to work it out to give you all what you want.

8. Help each other. When you see your sibling or parent needs help, help them. Doing little things such as holding the door for them, or helping someone with homework.

9. Organizing surprise birthday parties and celebrating any individual's achievements can really help.

10. Avoid using offensive and abusive words against each other.

11. Sometimes teenagers can feel sad or lonely. First ask them about it and if they don't want to share then its OK. It's just hormones. If you think that something is really bad, ask their close friends and help him/her.

12. Never ever break any promise. This can hurt them or make them feel that you are a liar and every time will break promises.

13. Learn to forgive.

14. Don't scold too much. Scolding can be good for them but never overdo it.

15. Make them realize in an easy way. If someone in your family has done something wrong or have betrayed your trust, make them realize their mistake in an easy way.


Compromise is the most valuable tool you have.

Don't put everything down to hormones. If your teenager feels reluctant to talk to you, he or she may be upset about something or being bullied. Ask if everything is okay and win over their trust.

When someone ask you to do his/her work try to do it at that time. Don't postpone it.

If the work is really important then try to make them understand and promise about next time.

Always learn to forgive when you get into a fight with your parents. Just tell them sorry, kiss them, hug them, and make the know how much you love them.

Don't upset them by telling them you don't belong in the family or no one loves you. Apologize to them no matter how bad the scolding gets and hug or kiss them. They will calm down.

Do not get upset when your mum/dad is telling you something and you think they are shouting at you because they are trying to teach you something important.

Never beat or raise your hand to anyone.

Family members are never entitled to be abusive. If they are, don't waste your time. They can't always be won over with patience and kindness. Stay out of toxic situations when you can.

If your family hates each other, try to put them in an situation where giving and receiving help is important.

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